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Moselle & Chris of Explore Wild Canada


Explore Wild Canada is an outdoor adventure travel blog showcasing Canada’s rugged wild spaces.

Go Beyond

  • We are in love with Canada's remote, rugged, wilderness.
  • We live for adventure and exploration.
  • We believe in the value of going beyond the crowds, being the first on the trail, going out in the dead of night.
  • We understand the benefits of connecting with nature.

Our Story

We, Chris and Moselle, met in 2008 in Whistler, BC. In 2016 we relocated to the Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta with our young Akita puppy. We’ve travelled all over Canada and we loved it so much we wanted to share our experiences.

We love mountains. We live for exploration. The thrill of not knowing what to expect around the next corner. The wonderment of the wild. One of our favourite things to do is to hike into the alpine, to witness glaciers and the mighty power they have on the land. We love animals; we travel, hike and camp with our young American Akita, Tusk. We like to go beyond the crowds and selfie sticks, to explore Canada’s wild spaces. A highlight is seeing wildlife, always an incredible thrill and honour. We have the deepest respect for the beauty and power of nature.

Chris Mullin of Explore Wild Canada

Chris Mullin

Mountain Lover & Photographer

Chris takes all the photos for Explore Wild Canada. He's obsessed with mountains, and everything in between; the forests, wildlife, valleys, rivers, lakes and canyons, the endless wild spaces waiting to be explored through his lens. Originally from Ontario, Chris spent 12 years living in Whistler, BC before relocating to Canmore, Alberta.

Photos by Chris Mullin Photography

Moselle Dibdin of Explore Wild Canada

Moselle Dibdin

Adventurer & Content Writer

Moselle lives for outdoor adventures. I love exploring Canada's wild spaces with Chris and Tusk! I write all the blogs and do all the techie website stuff. I'm a bit of a nerd,  love researching and planning our trips. Lists are my friends. Born in Edmonton, Moselle grew up in Vancouver and spent almost half her life living in the UK.

Tusk the Akita of Explore Wild Canada


Furry Companion

Tusk is a good boy, a smart, silly playful puppy. Eager to please, excited to meet people and dogs. Suspicious of birds and small mammals. He's a gorgeous American Akita, born May 13th 2016. He is named after an iconic stratovolcano near Whistler called Black Tusk. Tusk loves mountain life and prefers cooler climates.